Create Partnership Trust ensures that governance at all levels is of the highest quality in order to secure the confidence of its stakeholders.

Strong governance helps to fulfil the seven Nolan principles of public life, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openess, honesty and leadership.

An agreed Code of Practice is in place for Members, Directors (Trustees) and Local Governors.  All governance arrangements fulfil Department for Education (DfE) and Education Funding Agency (EFA) requirements.

As the Trust grows and matures, and if it includes other good and outstanding schools, we intend to develop the governance structure to allow for cluster development.  This will be particularly helpful in developing the role of each strong school (its leaders and governors), as it is matched with a sponsored school, so that all schools in the Trust continue to thrive.

The levels of governance:

The Members are the custodians of the Trust, ensuring that its vision and values are reflected in all its work.

The Board of Directors (Trustees) is the accountable body for the Trust.

Local Advisory Boards are responsible for monitoring the progress of their school’s improvement plan.

Download the Governance Structure at Create Partnership Trust


The Members

As custodians of the Trust, the Members, ensure that its vision and values are reflected in all its work.

Their role is predominantly to:

  • Agree and amend the Articles of Association
  • Appoint and remove Members and Directors (Trustees)
  • Hold the Directors to account for the discharge of their duties

There is no formal Chair.  If the Members decide that a Chair is required for each meeting, one may be elected.

The Members meet twice per year with the Board of Directors and again, separately, if they need to make individual decisions.  One of the Members is also a Director (Trustee).



Stella Blackmore is a Member of Create's Board of Trustees, after a long association with Greet and Conway Primary Schools as a Federation Governor since 2009.  Prior to that she led the IEB at Conway from 2008. She has been instrumental in guiding Create’s development as a MAT and supporting Hodge Hill’s application to join the Trust.

She has wide experience in education including three deputy headships and two headships of primary schools before progressing to Warwickshire local authority where she was Chief Inspector and Deputy County Education Officer.  She was actively involved in the development of the National College (NCSL, now NCTL), leading the development of its programme, Leading from the Middle and worked as succession planning associate for the West Midlands.


Justin Gray has worked with Greet Teaching School since its designation in 2011 supporting particularly, its initial teacher training through the partnership with Newman University.  He has also been a strategic partner in the Teaching School Alliance, having shared oversight of its extended work beyond teacher training.

Justin is currently Deputy Headteacher at St Martin de Porres Primary School in Moseley, Birmingham and has previously been a Governor at three different schools. He has wide experience in education as a Senior Lecturer in Leadership and RE with responsibility for student recruitment and attainment on the PGCE programme and is a Felllow of the Higher Education Academy.  

Sarah Smith was a strategic member of Greet Teaching School Alliance since its designation in 2011 and worked closely with Greet for many years in local clusters of schools.

She has been the Director of Education for the Birmingham Diocese, since early 2015.  Previously she was Executive Headteacher of St John’s CE Primary School in Sparkbrook, Birmingham, graded as outstanding.  She was a member of Birmingham Schools’ Forum for four years to 2014 and also chaired Primary Forum during the same period.

Sue Egersdorff is an experienced child services consultant with significant experience in early years provision and school improvement.  She is currently working with a number of MATs and teaching schools across England.

Her experience in education encompasses work as Assistant Director for Children’s Services in Cheshire, with responsibility for schools, early years, governance and family policy.  She was also a Director at the National College (NCSL now NCTL) with responsibility for early years and multi-agency partnerships.

She has worked in collaboration with the National College (NCSL, now NCTL) and West Midlands authorities on succession planning for school leadership.  She was Chair of Governors of an outstanding primary school for many years and is currently still a governor there.  She is also a former Chair of Governors of an outstanding special school.

The Trustees

As the accountable body for the Trust, the role of the Board of Directors (or Trustees) is to:

  • Ensure clarity of vision and ethos
  • Determine the Trust’s strategic priorities
  • Hold the executive to account for the educational performance of the schools (including the staff) and their pupils
  • Oversee the financial performance of the Trust and ensure its money is well spent
  • Allocate the school budgets
  • Agree curriculum statements for the Trust and each school as necessary
  • Agree Trust-wide policies in line with its values and vision
  • Be responsible for child safeguarding across the Trust
  • Appoint the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher for each of its schools
  • Review the performance and pay of the Executive Headteacher (EHT) and the Headteachers of each school
  • Approve the Trust pay policy

As the Trust is established, many strategic matters are reported directly to the Board but we expect that some of these may be further referred to separate committees in future, as the Trust grows.

There are currently eight Trustees in post.The full Board normally meets four times per year, including twice with Members.The Chair and Vice Chair are appointed by the Board of Directors.

‚ÄčThe Trust also has a Finance and Resources Committee and a Audit Committee 


Pat Smart is the CEO Executive Headteacher of Create Partnership Trust.  She has taught in five local authorities and an international school.  Having led Ofsted inspections and taken over the leadership or support of schools in crisis, she has wide experience of successful school improvement.  She has been designated as a National Leader of Education since 2009, with Greet named as a National support School.

She is currently Vice Chair of Birmingham Education Partnership and a member of the Primary Headteacher Reference Group at the DfE.  She has also served as a Member and Trustee on the Boards of a number of schools in special measures.

David has recently been appointed as the Chair of the Board of Directors for Create Partnership Trust. David brings a wealth of experience to the Board having been the Director General for Chidrens Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills for the Welsh Government. Following this David has been an international consultant in education operating in over 12 countries providing specialist advice to many educational establishments.

Mary Higgins is Acting Chair of Create’s Board of Directors and a member of its Finance and Resources Committee.

She has over twenty years’ experience as a school improvement adviser in Birmingham and, more recently, as a senior officer in Schools HR for Birmingham Local Authority, specialising in employee relations and recruitment.  She was formerly Lead Officer for all matters relating to workforce reform and, until recently, responsible for policy and practice development in teacher appraisal and performance-related pay progression.

She has worked in collaboration with the National College (NCSL, now NCTL) and West Midlands authorities on succession planning for school leadership.  She was Chair of Governors of an outstanding primary school for many years and is currently still a governor there.  She is also a former Chair of Governors of an outstanding special school.

Tim Higgins has joined Create with financial, organisational and strategic skills and the Chair of our Finance and Resources Committee.  He currently works for Price Waterhouse Coopers.

He has over eight years’ experience working in professional services as an advisor to a variety of businesses facing financial or organisational distress, including charities and schools.  This has involved the management of change, where there are varied and/or conflicting stakeholder voices.  He brings attention to detail and the ability to analyse information objectively.  He is a qualified chartered accountant.

He has worked with young people in a voluntary capacity and is particularly interested in giving them access to opportunities and ability to realise their ambitions.

Chris Weeks has joined Create with broad management experience across a number of sectors including within the Children’s Directorate of Birmingham City Council.  He currently works for Price Waterhouse Coopers.  He is the Chair of the Trust’s Audit Committee.

He has twenty years’ experience in business intelligence, workforce planning, client relations, service redesign and team leadership.  His work has involved a combination of finance and HR skills in both the public and private sectors.  His experience of general management includes setting and delivering against strategies and management of large teams.  He is CIPD qualified.

Emily Aldridge has joined Create with a broad range of experience in commercial contracts and EU Procurement within the education, social housing and leisure sectors. She currently works for Anthony Collins Solicitors and is a member of the Trust’s Audit Committee.

She has experience of advising clients within both the public and private sectors on wide ranging legal matters; advising bidders and contracting authorities on complex, high-value contracts and procurements for construction projects, housing services, leisure services and joint ventures.

Emily has a real passion for education and appreciates the important role it plays in enabling young people to achieve their goals

Mark joined the Board of Trustees in December 2018. Mark is an associate partner at Baily Garner who are specialist architects, building surveyors,  quantity surveyors, electrical, mechanical and environmental engineers, project managers and health and safety specialists. Mark brings specialist knowledge to our Board of Trustees and advises on prmises and H&S issues. 

Mark is also a member of the Trusts Audit Committee. 

Local Advisory Boards

The governance of Create Partnership Trust by its Board of Directors (Trustees) is assisting the transition of each school from its former Governing Body to a Local Advisory Board (LAB).

We work to the principle of earned autonomy for each LAB, with the objective that, subject to due diligence, all our schools have some delegated decision-making. LABs are effectively committees of the Board of Directors and are expected to contribute to the Trust’s strategic priorities, including membership of Trust-wide committees and any task and finish groups. Sponsored schools in the Trust are subject to due diligence prior to the decision to appoint its LAB.



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