Who we are

Create Partnership Trust was established in Birmingham in September 2016.  Create consists of four large Primary schools across Birmingham. Greet Primary and Conway Primary, which have been federated since 2009 are its founding schools.  A third school, Hodge Hill Primary, joined the Trust in January 2017 as the first sponsored school and our fourth school Brookfields Primary joined in November 2018.  The uniqueness of each school is respected and celebrated by the Trust but we also seek ways of working together in terms of both sharing best practice and problem-solving. 

The fifth member of the MAT is Greet Teaching School which brings further school improvement resources.


Join the Trust

With four shools already in the MAT, we invite other schools to join us in creating wide-ranging provision for all stakeholders and the best possible learning outcomes for all pupils.  This is an invitation to share collaborative leadership in a high accountability system – a true partnership arrangement, built on a peer support and challenge model. We are also keen to work in partnership with other schools who have a specialism and would like to share this with us. 

Our most effective schools will continue to improve, building on their current expertise and developing their capacity to become more outward-facing.  As strong schools they will share their strengths with others and extend their influence, retaining considerable autonomy and active local advisory board participation.  The schools that we sponsor will progress rapidly because they will benefit from the collective expertise we offer.  They will build capacity over time, leaving them less reliant on external support.   

We shall be pleased to hear from you if you are interested in joining Create, or if you would just like an initial conversation, please contact Janine on 0121 303 1595 or email janine.gardner@createpartnership.org.uk

Get in touch:  Create Partnership Trust, Cambrai Court, 1231 Stratford Road, Birmingham, B28 9AA
Tel: 0121 303 1595  |  Email: info@createpartnershiptrust.org.uk