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PICNIC (2018-1-UK01-KA229-048149)

PICNIC (2018-1-UK01-KA229-048149)

Primary International schools together for the exChaNge of Interactive training

PICNIC is a project made in order to create better learning situation and secure futures for our students and schools, using collaborative cultures with shared values, with clear moral purpose.In fact we want to ensure that all schools in Create Partnership Trust become open-minded, forward thinking and dynamic centre of learning excellence, by developing a strong, all round working partnership, that will ensure a positive impact on students achievements for reaching their goals.

PICNIC is carried out by primary schools, with children aged 4-10, aimed at researching, codifying and disseminating new bilingual teaching methods, in addition its adaptability to be used for EAL learning and the training teachers of primary school to make them confident in using CLIL  ( content and language integrated learning ) methodologies in classes, coupled with other forms of non-formal learning strategies, such as theatre and outdoor activities.

Countries Partners: UK, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

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SKILL-AED (2018-1-UK01-KA201-047904)

SKILL-AED (2018-1-UK01-KA201-047904)

Skills Advancement in Education - leadership, empowerment, management skills for teachers and teacher - leader.

The skill-AED program aims at offering a cascade program, to satisfy different needs within educational institution, to support staff seeking or aspiring to be leaders in an education setting and an evaluation model to assess aspiring leaders to estabilish if they are or would be effective in their position.
The all-in-one Skill-AED program is going to offer:

  • A TEACHER LEADERS- specific training to expand participant's soft skill, ability to plan strategies and expertise in the area of educational communication, research, administration and management;
  • An effective MENTORING AND COACHING techniques to equip aspiring TEACHER LEADERS with the necessary competences and skills to handle both teaching and managerial position, covering MENTORING/COACHING and team leading tasks;
  • VIRTUAL COMMUNITY AND (local/virtual) PEER SUPPORT to ensure that the participants are not alone in facting their issues and can learn and exchange tips and suggestions with other educators with the same issues and experiences;
  • A PARTICIPATED EVALUATION METHOD to guide a panel of experts in evaluating the aspiring teacher's leader after the training and after a trial period;
  • A TRAINER'S TRAINING aimed at professionals that are going to deliver the Skill-AED program.

Countries partners: UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus


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