Create Secures EU Funding

Create Secures EU Funding

7th December 2018

Create Partnership Trust has been developing new and innovative educational projects for its schools.

The Trust welcomed two sets of visitors for our Erasmus+ projects which were  awarded in September 2018. The Erasmus project provides an additional 320,000 euros – just under £300,000 funding to the Trust encouraging different ways of learning for the children and an excellent opportunity for CPD for staff.

The first set of visitors came from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus and worked with Create staff over two days on developing a programme for leaders in education and introducing soft skills and management skills. The project SKILL-AED will look at all the partner countries in Europe to see how their leaders and teachers work and use these skills at schools.

The second set of visitors joined us from Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic and Bulgaria and worked on the first meeting of the PICNIC project which looks at techniques used for teaching English using different formats of learning, such as drama, outdoor learning. From this, a project a guide and online platform will be developed and used across our Trust schools – Brookfields, Conway, Greet and Hodgehill Primary and available to all schools in Europe.

Janine Gardner European Project Manager for Create said “This is my first time working in an Erasmus+ project and it was great to see the enjoyment of the children meeting teachers from all over Europe, I am excited about the impact on teaching and learning using alternative methods. Whether we are in the EU or out of the EU the Erasmus+ funding will still be made available to schools until at least 2021, the funding will be instrumental in providing additional, positive sources of learning for our children even with the increased government cuts.”

CEO Pat Smart was quoted as saying “this is a fantastic opportunity for Create Partnership Trust, its Schools and our wider school partner networks to benefit from innovative new approaches to the development of best practice in education”.



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